What is a paver?

Travertine paver for pool deck, Ivory color

Pavers are  thin, flat bricks or stones,  or concrete that are used for projects such as driveways , walkways, pool decks, pool coping and patios, among other uses.  They are available in many different materials, such as Old Chicago Brick and Travertine; and can be arranged in different  patterns.

Why use pavers?

Travertine driveway paver,Noce color

Apart from instantly adding curb appeal, and a unique, and more luxurious look, brick and stone pavers last longer than concrete and can handle more weight. When properly sealed, pavers require less maintenance.

This is a Travertine driveway paver. They can also be used as Travertine pool deck pavers.

Old Chicago Brick Pavers

Old Chicago paver for driveway . Called Queen.

Old Chicago Brick pavers are one of the most popular: Chicago brick driveway paver and Chicago Brick pool deck paver. They are actually salvaged from demolished buildings in Chicago. These reclaimed bricks are each one of a kind; being old and weathered, their difference  adds  character and uniqueness. Ours are originals, purchased in Chicago and transported to Miami by train. We offer regular Old Chicago and Queen cut.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine  driveway paver, Noce color

Travertine Pavers are natural stone pavers that are available in different colors, textures, sizes and patterns

Travertine stone pavers are a great option for driveway, pool deck, patios and walkways. They are strong enough for high weight bearing areas, while adding a touch of elegance. .
Tumblеd finish is most popularly used now. The tumbling process makes them stronger and so best suited for driveway and pool deck surfaces.
Travertine stones come in many different colors and each color may be called a different name. As well as vary in shades.

 For this reason we suggest a personal consultation where we can bring you samples,
but generally the range is from ivory ( light) , neutral and goldish/brown.  Color, pattern and finish (seal) make a huge difference, so you have many options to customize your dream project.

Concrete pavers & others

Concrete pavers

We offer a wide variety of pavers to chose from, depending on your budget and requirements. Among them are concrete, limestone and slate. 

Concrete pavers are less expensive and offer more variety in size and colors,

Ask us for other driveway, walkway, pool deck paver options- we have many materials that can fit your requirement for look as well as budget.