Travertine paver driveway

Travertine paver driveway

What is a paver?

Pavers are  thin, flat stones that are used for projects such as driveways , walkways, pool decks, pool coping and patios, among other uses.  They are available in many different materials, such as Old Chicago Brick and Travertine; and can be arranged in different  patterns.

Why use pavers?

Apart from instantly adding curb appeal, and a unique, and more luxurious look, brick and stone pavers last longer than concrete and can handle more weight. When properly sealed, pavers require less maintenance.

Old Chicago Brick Pavers

Chicago Brick pavers are one of the most popular. They are actually salvaged from demolished buildings in Chicago. These reclaimed bricks are each one of a kind; being old and weathered, their difference  adds  character and uniqueness.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers are natural stone pavers that are available in different colors, textures, sizes and patterns.  The advantage of these pavers is that they absorb water faster, and are cooler to the touch: making them perfect for almost non-slip, and not scorching feet   pool decks. Fantastic also for driveways, as you can see in the image here.

Other types of pavers

We offer a wide variety of pavers to chose from, depending on your budget and requirements. Among them ae mexican shellstone and slate. Ask us for other driveway, walkway, pool deck paver options,